It’s been a short time since we tend to detected a few major rule update from Google (everyone wants a vacation, right?), however it’s just like the search large is back fully swing with a brand new one. the most recent modification penalizes sites in Google’s computer program results pages (SERPs) if they need too several ads higher than the fold (the a part of the net page that is visible while not scrolling), creating it troublesome to search out the content on the page. computer program Land’s Danny Sullivan chatted with Google’s Matt Cutts to urge the low-down on the update, that it seems was spurred by many user complaints to Google regarding incoming at sites with apparently a lot of ads than actual content. Let’s break down what this update means that for websites exploitation paid advertising, and the way you’ll be able to check that your web site is not punished by the update.

Who precisely are Penalized?
Google denote that users wish to ascertain content after they click through to an internet site (what a shock!), therefore websites that dedicate abundant of their above-the-fold realty to ads are punished, as a result of doing therefore adversely affects the user’s expertise. Oddly, sites that use pop-up ads and ad overlays — in my opinion, the foremost annoying on-line ads one will encounter — aren’t suffering from the rule update.

This update is anticipated to have an effect on just one of searches globally, however it’s already started rolling out. And if Google’s crawlers realize pages on your web site that area unit breaking the new page layout rules, it’ll penalise your entire web site, not simply the offending pages.

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Do You suppose My web site Is AN Offender?
Google expressed that they perceive above-the-fold ads perform higher than below-the-fold ads, and in and of itself solely the foremost crying offenders ought to very be distressed. AN excerpt from its journal says, “This algorithmic modification doesn’t have an effect on sites UN agency place ads above-the-fold to a traditional degree, however affects sites that go abundant any to load the highest of the page with ads to AN excessive degree.” They additionally decision out sites that have content higher than the fold, however have that content “persistently pushed down by massive blocks of ads.”

How Do I guarantee My web site is not Affected?
Matt Cutts’ speech with Danny Sullivan disclosed that Google is basically feat this call up to the location owners’ common sense. they don’t seem to be providing any tools for users to assist establish whether or not their web site features a dangerous quantitative relation of above-the-fold ads to content, however do suggest exploitation different free Google tools like Browser Size from Google Labs to grasp what proportion content is visible to users.

Again, this update is just anticipated to have an effect on one hundred and twenty fifth of searches, however if your web site teeters on the brink of an excessive amount of above-the-fold ads, you would like to form some changes to your page layout…stat! If not for your

SEO, be intimate for your user expertise.

Because the update has already started rolling out, it’s going to be too late to avoid wasting your web site from a broken search presence if it absolutely was AN bad person. however if you update your page layout to possess fewer ads above-the-fold, you must see improved rankings in an exceedingly few weeks. I know, many weeks could be a lasting to attend, however Google has to re-crawl enough pages of your web site to make sure that you have created universal changes to your page layout before it will increase your rankings once more. And if you’ve got structural problems along with your web site that build it troublesome for Google bots to crawl your content, it will take even longer to remedy your rankings.

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So if your web site is punished by this update, get your page layout fastened ASAP, and build your web site as simple to crawl as doable to mitigate any injury. the recommendation Google provides at the tip of its Webmaster Central journal says it best: “Overall, our recommendation for publishers continues to be to concentrate on delivering the most effective doable user expertise on your websites.” All of Google’s rule updates concentrate on profitable websites that users prefer to visit, and penalizing those users dislike. If you retain that in mind once change your web site, you will probably be poised for achievement in Google’s SERPs notwithstanding what rule changes they create down the road.

Does this rule update worry you? can you be creating any changes to your web site to make sure your SEO isn’t affected?