New Cheats for Farmville – Awesome New Strategy

The world of gaming is in an ever growing, ever changing state. And while it may not seem as though this is true for Facebook app games, it actually is very true. You can easily see it with all the updates being done to the game, new items and features being added – it is always a work in progress. These features are generally tacked on to the game in order to make the game better and more interesting for players. And just as there are new features constantly being added, there are also many people hard at work adding new cheats for FarmVille. Now, not all of the cheats added work, and they may not be legal, per se. However, you should be kept abreast of available cheats.


The cheats being discussed are not necessarily cheats, as you might commonly know of them. They are, instead, tricks and tips for effectively getting around some common stumbling blocks. The reason for this is because cheating and the using of cheat engines involves hacking and is a violation of the terms of service of the game and Facebook.

The Old Fence Trick

Do you remember in The Sims, back in the day, when you could box your Sim into a little 1×1 and he or she would eventually die of starvation? Or from soiling themselves? We’re going to employ the same concept here in FarmVille. Except the goal is not, in fact, to kill off your farmer. The goal here is to box in your little farmer with four pieces of fence. You must be sure to use fence – most anything else and your character will be able to walk around the perimeter. Once you have your farmer boxed in, go about your usual farming chores and you will notice that plowing, planting, and harvesting gets done much faster.

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A Bushel and a Peck

This particular trick has to do with unlocking crops that you may not have previously been able to plant. When visiting a friend’s profile page and you see that they are giving away a bushel, click “Get a Bushel.” From there, you’ll want to click “Yes,” of course, and then it will be put into your Market Stall. If you don’t have a Market Stall, the game will offer you the option of getting one for free. From here, click on the stall and then “Farmer’s Market.” On the page that pops up, click “Get Bushels,” then select any or all of the bushels you would like. Click “Select” and then “Take One.” You can repeat these steps with multiple friends. When you’re finished, click “My Bushels” and then on the next window click “Use.” Then you will have “temporary license to plant (insert crop here).” Go to the Market and plant away!

Crop Circles

There has been much debate over which FarmVille crops will give you the most bang for your virtual buck. And, when it comes right down to it, the deciding factor here is in when you are going to be back at the computer. Crops with short growing times are ideal for people who can log in multiple times a day and will be there to harvest when the crop is ripe. Longer growing times are better for those with less ease of access. Short harvest time crops that have been recommended revolve around strawberries and raspberries, while the long harvest time crops are peas and sunflowers. This, of course, is not necessarily a cheat, rather a good tip that you may not have noticed.

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Animals and Decorations – Animals as Decorations?

Animals are, of course, usually a safe bet. They require minimal maintenance and won’t wither and die on you. They’re guaranteed to be ready to harvest whether you’ve left them alone for a few days or a few weeks. However, they are very similar to decorations. While they may look pretty and give you some experience points upon purchase, they may not be beneficial in the long run – often turning little to no profit. This comes down to spending your money wisely and knowing when to sell to save on space.

New cheats for FarmVille are coming out quite frequently. They may not always be viable cheats, however, because Zynga is quick to block them. Perhaps that’s part of the reason why the game itself gets updated so much. Regardless, there are a few different techniques for getting yourself ahead on the sly while still operating within the parameters of the game. And playing within the rules and guidelines of the game will keep you playing for a long time to come. You don’t have to be a hacker or even an advanced computer user to figure out how to work these few little “cheats” and be well on your way toward FarmVille superstardom.


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