While building a website, you need to consider a host of aspects. You need to determine that the information it caters is in sync with that the user has sought for, and it is attractive enough to draw readers. An important part of building a website is testing the usability of the website. Internet users around the world are accustomed to the use of different sites, and it almost takes no time for them to determine that the website is usable or not. The main of this usability analysis is that there are a number of similar websites on the net, and users will jump to the next site if they are not satisfied with the first.

Seek SEO ranking

Designers now can resort to a number of tools and technologies to design websites. While designing a website, it is the need of the end user that is always taken into consideration. SEO ranking of the site is another important aspect that they consider. As a designer, while building the website you need to understand the ranking of the site and the search index to make the endeavor of building the site a successful one. You also need to understand the pattern or how the users use keywords and search for particular information over the net.

Methods of testing

Though it might sound simple, but, it is important to test the usability of the website and also the SEO strategy. If needed, you can seek professional help for this purpose. Often organizations and websites find it mind boggling when it comes to the choice of tools that are used for testing the usability of any website. A number of methods are available like split testing, analytic testing, click tracking and use of server logs.

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Usage of h1 tags

Through the usability testing, you can fathom the lacunas related to the website design, issues related to navigation, effectiveness of design and also the satisfaction of the user. While testing usability major problem related to SEO is that of alternating headings. According to standard practices of SEO, only one h1 tag should be used in one page, and it has to appear in the beginning of any heading tag. But, it has been noticed that often the headings are wrapped in these tags and with the change of slides or pages these tags changes. With excessive use of these tags, the relevance of the keywords decreases.

Avoid high resolution images

Often you will come across pages that have pictures of high resolution on it. It is important to remember that these pages take more time to load. The more time it takes, the more it affects the user experience, and it also has an impact on the search of that particular site. Another important factor that affects the SEO of the website is its content. There are many websites, which have low quality content or contents that lack information. For ranking any keyword, the content is of utmost importance. With poor contents, it really becomes difficult for any site to rank well in the search engine result page.

Determine web designing trends

For any website, there goal is to increase the number of new as well as visitors who have already visited the site. It is also important to adopt different web designing techniques to improve the SEO of a site. Few of these are the use of responsive designs, Parallax designs and HTML5. It is important to assess the SEO efficiency of a site through the website usability analysis. SEO can be a good option in this regard. They utilize different methodologies to gage the ranking or the site, the keywords that are used, the nature of the search and also track the volume of users.

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