I am certain you have discovered that every single day a brand new and amazing system is being released to show men and women how to make money on the web. I am sure you already know that many of these so called miracle programs are just garbage. I really don’t mean to say that all the products are crap, because you can find real legitimate programs that can help you. These types of programs are being released so fast simply because men and women know that people will buy them, and that is all the creators of the programs want. In any case, in this post we will be taking a look at the new program called the Instant Passive Profits.

The sales copy itself is just a video clip of a guy telling you that he utilizes this system to make a living on the Internet. You do not see any text on the web page it is just the video clip and the purchase link. As you watch the video you may believe that the guy on the video is really telling you the truth. At some point in the video he goes on about other product owners and how they never let you know what the product is how even just how the product works. Now, the part of the video that threw up the first red flag is that he also doesn’t explain to you what his product is either. He does however provide you with a quick look at the software, and he shows himself making use of it which takes about 20 seconds and your lead to think that is all there is to it.

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Now, lets get to the reality of the system. I buy all the new products that come out to see if they in fact work or not, and then I let individuals know if the program is worth the cash. Well, after I ordered the program and experienced about 10 to 15 more, up sell pages I finally got to the program. And I am confident you have already suspected, but I decided to pass on all of the up sells.

All this “fantastic” software does is provide you with search engine results. The particular way it works is you take a targeted keyword for what ever product your promoting and this software performs a search on the search engines and gives you the URL’s of the websites that are on the first few pages of the results. Now that you’ve got the actual URL’s that you could easily get from the search engines yourself, you now have to shell out another $100 and sign up to a pay per view program and enter these URL’s in their system. You are provided the link to sign up to the pay per view program and not incredibly, it is their affiliate link, to make sure they earn commissions when you join.

The sales video recording itself is very deceiving, as your told that it only requires a few seconds each day to get all the targeted traffic you want. The amount of information “left out” of the sales video recording is nothing short of one big lie. You can actually get these URL’s by yourself by going to the search engines as well as searching for the keyword phrase. So, in my opinion this is a huge waste of money. If your wanting to get traffic, a program that I make use of and like is the “Magic Traffic Accelerator”.

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