If you are wondering just what MLM network marketing is, let me explain. MLM network marketing is something that we are all familiar with. If you have ever gone to a Tupperware party, Lingerie party, or Botox party, then you have come in contact with mlm network marketing. It is just what it sounds like; in that you are networking with other people, so that you can market and sell a product or service to them. Botox parties have proven that you can buy a service. When you are networking you are just getting together with a group of people to talk and give a presentation that shows how your product or service is beneficial to them so that you can encourage them to buy it.

The MLM part of the MLM networking marketing happens once you as the owner of your company do the footwork at the beginning. However here is how it generally goes. If you are hoping to have MLM network marketing success, you should get to know the basics of MLM first. MLM is basically just a marketing strategy. It can help you generate more income and is made from work that you haven’t done, or that pays long after the initial work was already done. It works like this; if you actively recruit other people that essentially sell for you, it is not that difficult to make money.

The most common form of this form of network marketing is known as a pyramid, although there are a few others such as match bonuses or direct levels. In a pyramid, each person will be responsible to recruit say, six people, which would be considered your second level. These five are then expected to do the same which will bring the total to 25 people, which them creates your third level. If we keep using the same numbers as above in the recruitment process, 125 people will be on the next level, 625 will be on the next, and 2525 will be on the next.

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So you see, as each level of recruit throws these networking sales parties and recruits new members to do the same, you need do nothing else except count the cash that keeps rolling in. It’s that simple. Companies like Avon, Tupperware, and Amway have mastered this art, and now so can you. You can recruit people online through; mass emailing, jobs recruitment boards like monster.com, and through affiliate marketing. Once you recruit the initial members, you are ready to sit back and watch the money come in, so that you can focus on something more beneficial to your time, like finding a new product to sell.

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