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How can I bring my post to the top of the list?
Posts are listed in order of newest to oldest. To bring your post to the top of the list you need to either update you ad or you can use the bump feature. Bumping your post doesn’t mean you have to change the post. Bumping and updating can only be done if you are logged in.

Why can’t I bump my post?
To bump your post you have to be logged in. Your post also has to be more than a day old before it can be bumped. You can bump your note once every 24 hours.

How do I delete my account?
You must contact us and tell us you wish to terminate your account via the contact tab. In the future we aim to integrate an account deleting feature into the logged in page.

Do I have to put my email in the post?
No, if you do not wish to display you email on the site and risk possible spam you do not have to. A potential contact can use the “contact author” section to communicate with you whic is located on the left side when a note is clicked on.
This will send a message via to your email address.

Do I have to create a login to create a post?
No, you only need to list an email address. An account will be created automatically for you if you don’t have one which you can use if you wish to update or bump your ad. I know it’s another password to add to the bazillion you may already have but it is linked to your email so if you forget it, it is no problem because you can just click the “forgot password” button and we will send you an email to change your password.

How do I get my note to appear in the “Check this out!” box?
If nobody is promoting their note, the “Check this out!” box defaults to showing a random note which also has a picture. As soon as one person starts to promote their note, the box will instead show a random note out of all the promoted notes. This means that if you are the only person promoting, you will have your note showing in the “Check this out!” box 100% of the time.

Once you have created your note, log into the site if you haven’t already and view your note. You will see a tab called “Promote”. From this tab you can choose to use your promotion credits to advertise your note in the “Check this out!” box.

If more than one person is promoting, then your note will be promoted more frequently the more credits you use per day. If you promote your note at a rate of 2 credits per day, your note will be promoted twice as often as someone who promotes at 1 credit per day.

The promote tab will give you suggestions of how many credits you currently need to get your note promoted at various frequencies. Note that this will change as other people promote their notes or as other promotions expire.

If you run out of credits, you can also buy more from the “Buy promotion credits” box which you can see from the promotion tab.

*** If you had a note on the site when we started our note promotion option recently, then you have received a free gift of 30 promotion credits which you can use to promote your note. ***

What are the terms and conditions for posting?
We will publish our terms and conditions shortly. However any posts which are deemed offensive or are not relevant to the Australian music community may be removed by the moderators.

I have some ideas about how to improve the site – how can I let you know?
Please contact us herewith any feedback.

Can I advertise on the site?
It will soon be possible to pay for advertising yourself in the “Check this out!” box rather than have a random listing.
If you are interested in having a more prominent advertisement (e.g. banner) please contact us here . Note that we will only accept advertising which is relevant to the Australian music community.

What is the “Promotion Statistics” box for, and why is the number lower than I was expecting?
If you are logged into the site then when you view your note you will see a box called “Promotion Statistics” on the left. This box shows how many times your note has been featured in the “Check this out!” box. You can reset this count to zero at any time.

There are a few reasons why this number might be lower than you expect. Firstly we only started counting on 20th June 2011 at around 10pm. Secondly, unless there is a promotion on, only notes with pictures have a chance of being displayed in the “Check this out!” box. Finally, even if you are promoting, you may not be using enough credits per day for your promotion (see How do I get my note to appear in the “Check this out!” box?  for more details).

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