First, my blog has a new(ish) name! And… a new url! Although you should have been directed to the new url:

This was a very stressful blogging weekend. If you happened to visit my blog this weekend and noticed things weren’t quite right (unable to comment, unable to follow, not loading) you will know what I am talking about. I was so stressed about things that all I did Saturday night was dream about

. Isn’t that crazy?

So here is the story:

I participated in Friday Follow (obviously on Friday) and was also hosting a giveaway from

. (More on that later) Things were going fine. People were following my blog and I was following their blogs. People were entering the giveaway, although a few were commenting but not actually

Then on Friday evening I decided to follow 5 blogs from the Friday Follow McLinky list. NONE of them followed me back or even left a comment. At first I felt rejected. I figured they must not like my blog but then I got two messages, one in my inbox and one on my Facebook about not being able to leave comments. Then I got another message about my Google Friend Connect not working. Then all of my comments disappeared! On a

of all things! *Don’t worry, if you entered the giveaway I have a plan at the end of this post.*

So on Saturday my husband and I were talking about how everyone says WordPress is so much better and maybe I should switch. Since I was having so many issues I decided to go ahead and do it. Well, that decision caused even more stress. I paid for my own domain name

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paid for the ability to edit my own CSS (change the way my blog works and looks). I quickly realized how much I was in over my head with the CSS. I think I have learned a

amount about designing my blog here at Blogger. I naively thought it would be similar at WordPress. No. In fact to be able to easily customize my blog I would really need to by the Thesis theme… $164 dollars. Apparently it is the best. (Or so I have heard.) Well, if I am going to shed out that much money for Thesis I figured I might as well hire a pro to design my blog! Since I had no clue what I was doing anyway!

But… we don’t have the money for that right now. So I found a theme that would let me at least customize my header and change the colors. I could settle with that. My first widget I tried to use was Google Friend Connect. It wouldn’t work so I went in search of tutorials and found out the only way to really get Google Friend Connect on a WordPress blog is to self-host your site… like through… and then use WordPress.

not WordPress.

. What?! I couldn’t deal with that! The majority of my followers are on Google Friend Connect. If I switch then how can they continue to follow me? I wondered how some of the blogs I follow who had recently “made the switch” had Google Friend Connect on their sites. I found out the majority of them used… guess what? Thesis. Plus, their blogs had been designed by professionals too.

I am not bashing WordPress. I really do believe it is better than blogger. However, I am just your everyday mom with limited knowledge of blog design. I am not trying to make money off of this blog, I don’t have a business attached to it nor do I plan to in the future. This is my hobby and I just can’t justify spending that kind of money for a hobby. At least not at this point. If you run a business, want to make money off of your blog or are starting a ministry then I think it would be more than worth it for you to switch to

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.com. Pay the monthly fee at a place like, buy Thesis and hire a pro to design your site. I think you would be much happier in the long run.

For me though, I got a refund and canceled my blog with WordPress. I returned to blogger and bought a domain with them. Yeah… they technically own it but I am okay with that. (As long as my blog works!!)

There are pros and cons to each platform but this post is getting long so I will write more tomorrow.


*My plan for the Giveaway that lost all the entries*

Thank goodness Disqus sends a copy of each comment to my email. Here is a list of the valid entries in order of when the comment was made. If you do not see your name on the list or if you haven’t entered the Painted Pony Artwork Giveaway yet then

to leave a comment/entry. Your entry will be placed in order

those who have already entered but whose comments are no longer showing up. For example if it says you are the 3rd person to comment/enter you may actually be the 8th because there were other people who entered that aren’t showing up anymore. Got it?

I will number each comment in order and use to select the winner. I am extending the deadline until Monday March 7th.

Part 2 of Blogging Stress tomorrow!