Are you looking for a guide to help you get started in SMS text marketing? Let me help you. I’ll walk you through exactly what SMS text marketing is, what else is available, and how to start using SMS marketing for increased leads, sales, and profits.

SMS stands for Short Message Service and basically is a text message that is no more than 160 characters. SMS text marketing is when a business uses SMS to send out marketing messages.

The first thing you must know is that you can only send text messages to people who have opted in to your list. That means they have specifically requested to be on it. The typical way for this to be done is if you have a keyword and a short code set up, you let your customers know and they text your keyword to your short code and this puts them on your list automatically.

They must also have the option to get off your list at any time. The typical way for this to be done is for them to reply to one of your messages with STOP in the message.

The next thing to know is that SMS is not the only type of message available. There is also MMS. MMS means multimedia messaging service and can include text, audio, video, and pictures. One way that marketers would use MMS is by sending out mobile holiday cards with a coupon attached via text. This is basically just a holiday-type picture, with text overlaid on the picture. MMS messages will generally cost more in text credits than an SMS message.

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To get started with SMS and maybe MMS you will need to find a vendor who is able to service your text marketing campaigns. You may be able to find someone local if that interests you. If not, there are tons of national companies like Trumpia and Rocketbux.

Look for a company that has good support and plenty of features. More features do not necessarily mean a higher price, but you will want to evaluate the available plans to see if they will meet your needs.

Before you sign up with anyone you will want to get a text marketing plan in place. Know who you are marketing to. Decide when you will send out information. Decide what your goals and intentions are. Know what will make an SMS text marketing campaign a success for you.

Once you sign up you will want to start building your list. Put signs up on the walls. Put your message on your tables and menus. Put it on your advertising. Get the word out there so your customers will get on your list.

You may want to even ask your customers “what kind of a deal do you want to see in these messages?” Find out what will get them in there. Then do it!

SMS text marketing is actually a very simple marketing area to break into because there is very little need for fancy marketing designs or printed media. Just get your customers on your list and send them short messages that they can’t refuse.