Are you a heavy reader? If so, you may want to consider a book subscription to save some money on all those books you are buying. Think about it, if you are reading more than a book a month, you are probably spending more than $20.

With subscription platforms running at about $10 each, it makes sense to be reading digitally. But with so many options, you may be asking which book subscription is the right fit for you? The top players in the industry at the moment are Playster, Scribd, and Audible. We tried each service and here are our thoughts on each one.

Playster is the newest member in the subscription service industry, but it is rapidly made some waves. With unlimited books, movies, music, games, and audiobooks, this service can be a serious game changer. Judging it completely by its books and audiobooks, it is pretty impressive, especially its audiobook selection. The book collection looks like it is a little outdated with its content; the most recent books are about 6 months old. Good news is that it has many of the classic titles and New York Times Best Sellers. It is audiobook collections seems to be updated the same time that the paperback version of a book is released and features all the major publishers. Really, besides Harry Potter, it seems like Playster is not missing much in the audiobook department. The user experience is the main problem here – books can only be searched by titles and not by author. Also, the overall design of the members page looks like a beta prototype. The thing Playster has going for it is the fact that both the book and audiobook catalogs are bundled together for $9.95. The biggest seller is the fact that all their books and audiobooks are available for unlimited consuming, which is not being offered anywhere else at the moment.

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In terms of content, Scribd seems to have the same ebooks and audiobooks as Playster, with few differences far and between. Scribd’s major advantage over Playster is the fact that its user interface seems to be much cleaner and easier to move around in. However, its major downfall is that readers can only read three books a month from Scribd’s rotating catalog of books. There are some books that can be read unlimitedly throughout the month, but they are not really the titles you want to be reading. The same deal goes for audiobooks, where only one audiobook can be read per month. If you are keeping up, Scribd offers you three ebooks and one audiobook a month for $8.99.

Audible’s main issue is that it is only a subscription platform for audiobooks. While its audiobook subscription is the most impressive of the bunch, including titles from John Green and the Harry Potter series, I find it a little outlandish to be paying $9.99 for just one audiobook a month. While many audiobooks are about 10 hours long that can easily be used up at a few days at work, if you listen to them while working at your desk. In terms of usability, it works just fine, and has plenty of cool features, but the monthly price for a single audiobook is not really worth it, in my opinion, especially if you are a heavy consumer.

So which do you think is worth it for you? Is there another service that you’ve been using to stream your audiobooks and ebooks? Let us know in the comments below.

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