One of the more popular and well know of the facebook games is Plants VS. Zombies Adventures by popcap games, and with over five million players its not hard to figure out why. In this game you try to hoard off waves of zombies with well placed plants that kill them…again. There are a few different types of plants, like peashooters that shoot the zombies, sunflowers that create more sun so you can grow more plants, and asparagus that shoot stalks. You collect the sun as it falls from the sky and use it to place your plants along the paths in your area.

The zombies come in waves, and are confined to the paths, so you just have to make sure you put enough plants along the path to deal with them. There are also different perks you can use to freeze the zombies or extent your plants range, and these all cost sun to use like everything else. The plants also have to be grown in your town base, and this costs money which you can gain by building more houses in town which generate money. The game has a play system where you move from one location to another as your levels progress, and you unlock more and more plants and items to allow you to slay zombies like a pro. It gets progressively harder wave after wave, and you can only put your plants down as fast as your sun levels are regenerated to do so. The graphics are very cartoonish, but they look nice and add a sort of fun undead feel to the game which only furthers to add to its appeal. Another feature of plants vs. zombies adventures that I enjoy is how you unlock different areas and lands as you progress. This adds a good sense of achievement to the game and gives you some fun goals to try to work for as you play. You also complete quests in this game that can range from cleaning up the property in your area, to going out on the road and taking care of some zombies. All in all this is a very fun game to play, and reminds me of something like FarmVille only with zombies.

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