Har­monie fin­ished pack­ing up the car, we talked about if we needed any­thing else and then got in the car. The trip was finally underway.

As we left Las Vegas, the excite­ment was rac­ing through us. We couldn’t believe we were finally head­ing down to a major Uni­ver­sity for med­ical treat­ment. It’s some­thing we had waited over six months for. The drive down seemed to go by quickly. We stopped for lunch about half way, just long enough to stretch our legs and eat, then con­tin­ued on.

When we entered the Los Ange­les val­ley, the usual south­ern Cal­i­for­nia traf­fic became a night­mare. We fought traf­fic and made it to the hotel and got set­tled in. We stayed at the same hotel where we went for our one year anniver­sary, the Trav­elodge Santa Mon­ica . We like to stay there because they have a full kitchen in the room, so we don’t have to waste money eat­ing out.

We decided to call it a night early, greatly antic­i­pat­ing the next day’s appoint­ment. We tossed and turned all night. When the alarm went off in the morn­ing, we had only got­ten min­i­mal sleep. Our adren­a­line was surg­ing. We might finally be at the doc­tor that can help me walk again. We loaded the car back up and took the short five minute drive to the clinic.

We got to the build­ing and took the ele­va­tor to the sec­ond floor. We checked in and filled out some paper­work. We were called back fairly quickly so we took that as a good sign. The nurse took my vitals and then we waited.…

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And waited.…

Finally one of Dr. X’s res­i­dent doc­tors came in and started inquir­ing about my pain and what I was exposed to in Iraq and Afghanistan. He seemed intrigued by every­thing and told us that we had come to the right place and they would be able to help. He left the room to go con­fer with the doc­tor and again we waited.

After a lit­tle while Dr. X walked in. Wear­ing a pin striped suit with pur­ple socks, he momen­tar­ily seemed very nice. Until he started talking.…

He pro­ceeded to tell us the fol­low­ing things:

So as you can see, these things didn’t make Har­monie and I very happy. Now, let me cover these from my point of view and from what I have been told from five pre­vi­ous doctors:

I would just like to add this is the fifth doc­tor we’ve been to over the last six months. My physi­cians have watched these “tumors” grow and the detri­ment it has had on my abil­ity to walk. Every­one who has been involved in my case agrees that these growths are abnor­mal and need to be biop­sied and researched fur­ther. It has only been due to the high risk of per­form­ing surgery on me that oth­ers have been unwill­ing to do so. How­ever, no one has had the audac­ity to sim­ply pre­tend there is no problem.

To say the least, our trip to UCLA was a com­plete bust. We got no help what­so­ever. This doc­tor may as well have told me that I should be able to get up and run around. I rolled out of there com­pletely dis­ap­pointed with the feel­ing that we were taken advan­tage of. At the end he said he wanted me to come back in a month.

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If there is noth­ing wrong with me, WHY WOULD I NEED TO COME BACK IN A MONTH?????

Sorry, but I had to vent my frus­tra­tion. I even went to the appoint­ment guarded, but noth­ing could have pre­pared me for the ridicu­lous­ness of Dr. X.

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