Having An Inside Glance At The Instant Passive Profits Program

I am certain you have discovered that every single day a brand new and amazing system is being released to show men and women how to make money on the web. I am sure you already know that many of these so called miracle programs are just garbage. I really don’t mean to say that all the products are crap, because you can find real legitimate programs that can help you. These types of programs are being released so fast simply because men and women know that people will buy them, and that is all the creators of the programs want. In any case, in this post we will be taking a look at the new program called the Instant Passive Profits.

The sales copy itself is just a video clip of a guy telling you that he utilizes this system to make a living on the Internet. You do not see any text on the web page it is just the video clip and the purchase link. As you watch the video you may believe that the guy on the video is really telling you the truth. At some point in the video he goes on about other product owners and how they never let you know what the product is how even just how the product works. Now, the part of the video that threw up the first red flag is that he also doesn’t explain to you what his product is either. He does however provide you with a quick look at the software, and he shows himself making use of it which takes about 20 seconds and your lead to think that is all there is to it.

Now, lets get to the reality of the system. I buy all the new products that come out to see if they in fact work or not, and then I let individuals know if the program is worth the cash. Well, after I ordered the program and experienced about 10 to 15 more, up sell pages I finally got to the program. And I am confident you have already suspected, but I decided to pass on all of the up sells.

All this “fantastic” software does is provide you with search engine results. The particular way it works is you take a targeted keyword for what ever product your promoting and this software performs a search on the search engines and gives you the URL’s of the websites that are on the first few pages of the results. Now that you’ve got the actual URL’s that you could easily get from the search engines yourself, you now have to shell out another $100 and sign up to a pay per view program and enter these URL’s in their system. You are provided the link to sign up to the pay per view program and not incredibly, it is their affiliate link, to make sure they earn commissions when you join.

The sales video recording itself is very deceiving, as your told that it only requires a few seconds each day to get all the targeted traffic you want. The amount of information “left out” of the sales video recording is nothing short of one big lie. You can actually get these URL’s by yourself by going to the search engines as well as searching for the keyword phrase. So, in my opinion this is a huge waste of money. If your wanting to get traffic, a program that I make use of and like is the “Magic Traffic Accelerator”.

Necessity Of Evolving Strategies Out Of Web Usability Analysis

While building a website, you need to consider a host of aspects. You need to determine that the information it caters is in sync with that the user has sought for, and it is attractive enough to draw readers. An important part of building a website is testing the usability of the website. Internet users around the world are accustomed to the use of different sites, and it almost takes no time for them to determine that the website is usable or not. The main of this usability analysis is that there are a number of similar websites on the net, and users will jump to the next site if they are not satisfied with the first.

Seek SEO ranking

Designers now can resort to a number of tools and technologies to design websites. While designing a website, it is the need of the end user that is always taken into consideration. SEO ranking of the site is another important aspect that they consider. As a designer, while building the website you need to understand the ranking of the site and the search index to make the endeavor of building the site a successful one. You also need to understand the pattern or how the users use keywords and search for particular information over the net.

Methods of testing

Though it might sound simple, but, it is important to test the usability of the website and also the SEO strategy. If needed, you can seek professional help for this purpose. Often organizations and websites find it mind boggling when it comes to the choice of tools that are used for testing the usability of any website. A number of methods are available like split testing, analytic testing, click tracking and use of server logs.

Usage of h1 tags

Through the usability testing, you can fathom the lacunas related to the website design, issues related to navigation, effectiveness of design and also the satisfaction of the user. While testing usability major problem related to SEO is that of alternating headings. According to standard practices of SEO, only one h1 tag should be used in one page, and it has to appear in the beginning of any heading tag. But, it has been noticed that often the headings are wrapped in these tags and with the change of slides or pages these tags changes. With excessive use of these tags, the relevance of the keywords decreases.

Avoid high resolution images

Often you will come across pages that have pictures of high resolution on it. It is important to remember that these pages take more time to load. The more time it takes, the more it affects the user experience, and it also has an impact on the search of that particular site. Another important factor that affects the SEO of the website is its content. There are many websites, which have low quality content or contents that lack information. For ranking any keyword, the content is of utmost importance. With poor contents, it really becomes difficult for any site to rank well in the search engine result page.

Determine web designing trends

For any website, there goal is to increase the number of new as well as visitors who have already visited the site. It is also important to adopt different web designing techniques to improve the SEO of a site. Few of these are the use of responsive designs, Parallax designs and HTML5. It is important to assess the SEO efficiency of a site through the website usability analysis. SEO can be a good option in this regard. They utilize different methodologies to gage the ranking or the site, the keywords that are used, the nature of the search and also track the volume of users.

Samuel Carter is attached to Dallas SEO for quite some time. He has helped many websites like to assess their strategies adapted for SEO through web usability analysis.

Network Mapper Front-End (NmapFE): A Powerful Network Tool for Linux

Introduction Nmap, or the Network Mapper, is a powerful command-line tool for diagnosing network problems, finding security vulnerabilities, and host of other uses. Intricate knowledge of its use is crucial to systems administrators, but its many options and scanning methods can be daunting to even the most experienced of end users. nmapFE, or the nmap Front End, is a graphical interface for nmap that makes it easy to use even the most powerful aspects of the network mapper, and can be a life-saver when you run into networking problems.

Installation NmapFE can be most likely be installed using your package management software. For example, in debian-based distrobutions, such as Ubuntu Linux, use the command:

sudo apt-get install nmapfe

For other distrobutions and platforms (including Windows!), I recommend checking out the nmap download site.

Interface and Usage The interface for NmapFE is relatively straight forward; you enter the IP or URL of the “target” computer at the top, select your options, and the front end runs nmap in the background, showing you its output. At the bottom of the window is the command generated by the options selected in the front-end, which is great for those interested in learning how to control nmap from the command-line, when a graphical solution isn’t available.

Among the primary options available are scan type, which will be discussed later; scanned ports, in which you can select the “most important” ports for a fast scan (which will scan the ports used by the most commonly used services), all ports, or a specific range; and “Scan Extensions,” which will give you all sorts of extra information.

Operating System, Service, and Version Detection If these options are selected in “Scan Extensions,” nmapFE will use the response “fingerprint” of the target computer to guess the operating system of the target, as well as its version, and the version of whatever services it detects. For example:

In this scan, you can see that nmap detected my ssh server, Apache server (running on a non-standard port), and correctly identified their versions. It was also able to determine the extensions running on Apache (PHP and Python).

Its attempt to determine my operating system was mostly successful. It correctly determined that I am running Linux, kernel version 2.6; however, it guessed 2.6.18 when I am in fact running 2.6.22; it got my architecture correct (x86), and my distribution correct — Ubuntu — but not the version of my distribution (it guessed Dapper, when I am running Gusty). Note that it warns that OS detection is less reliable because I have no closed TCP ports (instead, they are in the filtered state, set by my router); even so, it did a very good job at figuring out my operating system and versions.

A Sample Windows Scan Next I ran a scan against a Windows machine on my local network. The results are as follows:

You can see here that, because my router is not in the way, the ports not listed are in the state of “closed” rather than “filtered.” It is able to precisely identify the operating system (Windows 2000), including the service pack (SP4); furthermore, nmap correctly determined that it is a Dell computer, based upon the ethernet card’s MAC address.

Scan Types and Other Options Both of the above scans were performed using the default “SYN Stealth Scan,” which should be sufficient for most users in most situations. It is relatively fast, especially when run inside a local network, and will uncover most relevant information. However, the list of available scan types is extensive:

Explaining them all here would be both outside the realm of this article, and far outside the realm of my understanding. I will note that the ACK Stealth Scan can be useful when you have a firewall issue, as it can return more information about the target’s ruleset than the default scan. However, I highly recommend that for more information on this topic, you defer to the more knowledgeable folks who’ve written the documentation on nmap’s port scanning techniques.

Other options that can be set using the nmapFE interface are DNS resolution, decoy sources (if, perhaps, you are doing something naughty), and selection of devices (if you have multiple connections, such as wired and wireless). You can also set time delays, so as not to raise suspicions or be considered rude by scanning too many ports, or too many hosts, too quickly.

A Word on Ethics While it is true that tools such as nmap/nmapFE can (and are) used maliciously, the overwhelming majority of users of these programs do so to solve problems, rather than create them. Software tools are just like any other tools – they can be used for both good, and for evil. It’s important to understand how to use them properly, and to use them responsibly. There is a world of difference between using tools such as these to figure out why your Apache server isn’t accessible to the outside world, and using it to find security holes on other peoples’ computers.

Network Marketing on FaceBook

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Report by Ange Marsden

You can generate a free of charge account with FaceBook to get started.If you currently have a social FaceBook account you may wish to make a separate enterprise account. This saves any drunken pictures of you at your cousins marriage ceremony showing in front of potential consumers and distributers! You can set a selection of personalized images on your company account which introduce you as a genuine individual but also reflect your expert aspect.

When you’ve got manufactured your account you will be ready to locate friends by browsing for people by name,e-mail address or teams they belong to. FaceBook will also suggest buddies to you so If you’re friends with Mary and Aroha and they are equally buddies with Toni, FaceBook will advise Toni to you as a mutual pal. To get a new buddy you are going to mail out an invite and the man or woman who receives it can possibly take or decline the offer you.

Be a part of some teams which goal the region you’re interested in for example if you happen to be interested in Network Marketingyou can join the FaceBook group for this blog at AngeSuccess. You can “meet” with the men and women in a group and be part of discussions on the group wall. I never recommend submitting the identical hyperlink over and over and more than on the partitions of dozens of teams with no regard to what the group is about unless of course you want to get kicked of FaceBook for spamming. If you happen to be hectic “chatting” as a substitute of listening folks wont be intrigued in what you’re expressing.

Update your buddies on new developments in your organization, specific offers or minimal chances. You can also post hyperlinks to beneficial info and training for your buddies. On FaceBook you can generate activities like webinars or reside occasions and mail out invitations to your buddies. You may want to mail out invitations to your option webinars or stay activities.

If you’re into programming you can generate an software which end users can set on their profiles these as local climate or a Netflix film person profile. You can examine much more about How to Build a Hit Facebook App: 29 Crucial Instruments and Tutorials here.

You can also make entertaining quizes this sort of as: What is your mafia title? or Which Sex in the City Character are you? Concept the quiz to your enterprise and share it all around. If it is entertaining and memorable it will give your business some added coverage even though entertaining your close friends.

FaceBook has some restrictions and guidelines which you need to have to comply with or your account may be closed. If you post too several hyperlinks you will get a warning and if you disregard it your account will be closed. Also if you deliver out as well several good friend invites in a single go FaceBook will mail out a warning. Maintain your FaceBook-ing to a modest volume on a every day foundation. It is also very good to keep your e-mails and get in touch with private – sending generic e-mails to 200 people with: “Hi there, I’ve got this excellent new possibility in which you can make comissions about and over again. See these wonderful testimonies from a mum of three who went from flat broke to earning ,000 a day in just seven days…..” is asking for the receiver to mark you as a spammer. If as well numerous people report you as a spammer then your account could get shut down.

FaceBook is an opportunity to advertise you not your organization. Chances are your organization is not excellent, new, groundbreaking or unheard of. What individuals are intrigued in is connecting with a actual man or woman and if they like you they will be fascinated in what you are offering. Feel of all the products on Television which are marketed by celebrities or even the proprietor of the business – you aren’t acquiring the merchandise you are purchasing what a particular person you like has.

Quick Network Marketing and advertising on FaceBook Tips

– Don’t oversell your organization – or yourself! Sending countless e-mails will push absent your friends. As it would in the genuine world if you rang them three occasions a day.

– Be innovative with your profile, standing updates and images. Allow folks see how intriguing you are so you’d better begin performing some fascinating items this week

-Appear for teams associated to your Network Advertising organization, there’ll be dozens for you to be part of

-Break out your greatest PPC advertisements and post them on FaceBook adverts also. They work equivalent to Google PPC and end users can see them on the proper hand aspect of the FaceBook browser pages.

New Cheats for Farmville – Awesome New Strategy

The world of gaming is in an ever growing, ever changing state. And while it may not seem as though this is true for Facebook app games, it actually is very true. You can easily see it with all the updates being done to the game, new items and features being added – it is always a work in progress. These features are generally tacked on to the game in order to make the game better and more interesting for players. And just as there are new features constantly being added, there are also many people hard at work adding new cheats for FarmVille. Now, not all of the cheats added work, and they may not be legal, per se. However, you should be kept abreast of available cheats.


The cheats being discussed are not necessarily cheats, as you might commonly know of them. They are, instead, tricks and tips for effectively getting around some common stumbling blocks. The reason for this is because cheating and the using of cheat engines involves hacking and is a violation of the terms of service of the game and Facebook.

The Old Fence Trick

Do you remember in The Sims, back in the day, when you could box your Sim into a little 1×1 and he or she would eventually die of starvation? Or from soiling themselves? We’re going to employ the same concept here in FarmVille. Except the goal is not, in fact, to kill off your farmer. The goal here is to box in your little farmer with four pieces of fence. You must be sure to use fence – most anything else and your character will be able to walk around the perimeter. Once you have your farmer boxed in, go about your usual farming chores and you will notice that plowing, planting, and harvesting gets done much faster.

A Bushel and a Peck

This particular trick has to do with unlocking crops that you may not have previously been able to plant. When visiting a friend’s profile page and you see that they are giving away a bushel, click “Get a Bushel.” From there, you’ll want to click “Yes,” of course, and then it will be put into your Market Stall. If you don’t have a Market Stall, the game will offer you the option of getting one for free. From here, click on the stall and then “Farmer’s Market.” On the page that pops up, click “Get Bushels,” then select any or all of the bushels you would like. Click “Select” and then “Take One.” You can repeat these steps with multiple friends. When you’re finished, click “My Bushels” and then on the next window click “Use.” Then you will have “temporary license to plant (insert crop here).” Go to the Market and plant away!

Crop Circles

There has been much debate over which FarmVille crops will give you the most bang for your virtual buck. And, when it comes right down to it, the deciding factor here is in when you are going to be back at the computer. Crops with short growing times are ideal for people who can log in multiple times a day and will be there to harvest when the crop is ripe. Longer growing times are better for those with less ease of access. Short harvest time crops that have been recommended revolve around strawberries and raspberries, while the long harvest time crops are peas and sunflowers. This, of course, is not necessarily a cheat, rather a good tip that you may not have noticed.

Animals and Decorations – Animals as Decorations?

Animals are, of course, usually a safe bet. They require minimal maintenance and won’t wither and die on you. They’re guaranteed to be ready to harvest whether you’ve left them alone for a few days or a few weeks. However, they are very similar to decorations. While they may look pretty and give you some experience points upon purchase, they may not be beneficial in the long run – often turning little to no profit. This comes down to spending your money wisely and knowing when to sell to save on space.

New cheats for FarmVille are coming out quite frequently. They may not always be viable cheats, however, because Zynga is quick to block them. Perhaps that’s part of the reason why the game itself gets updated so much. Regardless, there are a few different techniques for getting yourself ahead on the sly while still operating within the parameters of the game. And playing within the rules and guidelines of the game will keep you playing for a long time to come. You don’t have to be a hacker or even an advanced computer user to figure out how to work these few little “cheats” and be well on your way toward FarmVille superstardom.

New Google Algorithm Update Dings Sites With Excessive Ads

It’s been a short time since we tend to detected a few major rule update from Google (everyone wants a vacation, right?), however it’s just like the search large is back fully swing with a brand new one. the most recent modification penalizes sites in Google’s computer program results pages (SERPs) if they need too several ads higher than the fold (the a part of the net page that is visible while not scrolling), creating it troublesome to search out the content on the page. computer program Land’s Danny Sullivan chatted with Google’s Matt Cutts to urge the low-down on the update, that it seems was spurred by many user complaints to Google regarding incoming at sites with apparently a lot of ads than actual content. Let’s break down what this update means that for websites exploitation paid advertising, and the way you’ll be able to check that your web site is not punished by the update.

Who precisely are Penalized?
Google denote that users wish to ascertain content after they click through to an internet site (what a shock!), therefore websites that dedicate abundant of their above-the-fold realty to ads are punished, as a result of doing therefore adversely affects the user’s expertise. Oddly, sites that use pop-up ads and ad overlays — in my opinion, the foremost annoying on-line ads one will encounter — aren’t suffering from the rule update.

This update is anticipated to have an effect on just one of searches globally, however it’s already started rolling out. And if Google’s crawlers realize pages on your web site that area unit breaking the new page layout rules, it’ll penalise your entire web site, not simply the offending pages.

Do You suppose My web site Is AN Offender?
Google expressed that they perceive above-the-fold ads perform higher than below-the-fold ads, and in and of itself solely the foremost crying offenders ought to very be distressed. AN excerpt from its journal says, “This algorithmic modification doesn’t have an effect on sites UN agency place ads above-the-fold to a traditional degree, however affects sites that go abundant any to load the highest of the page with ads to AN excessive degree.” They additionally decision out sites that have content higher than the fold, however have that content “persistently pushed down by massive blocks of ads.”

How Do I guarantee My web site is not Affected?
Matt Cutts’ speech with Danny Sullivan disclosed that Google is basically feat this call up to the location owners’ common sense. they don’t seem to be providing any tools for users to assist establish whether or not their web site features a dangerous quantitative relation of above-the-fold ads to content, however do suggest exploitation different free Google tools like Browser Size from Google Labs to grasp what proportion content is visible to users.

Again, this update is just anticipated to have an effect on one hundred and twenty fifth of searches, however if your web site teeters on the brink of an excessive amount of above-the-fold ads, you would like to form some changes to your page layout…stat! If not for your

SEO, be intimate for your user expertise.

Because the update has already started rolling out, it’s going to be too late to avoid wasting your web site from a broken search presence if it absolutely was AN bad person. however if you update your page layout to possess fewer ads above-the-fold, you must see improved rankings in an exceedingly few weeks. I know, many weeks could be a lasting to attend, however Google has to re-crawl enough pages of your web site to make sure that you have created universal changes to your page layout before it will increase your rankings once more. And if you’ve got structural problems along with your web site that build it troublesome for Google bots to crawl your content, it will take even longer to remedy your rankings.

So if your web site is punished by this update, get your page layout fastened ASAP, and build your web site as simple to crawl as doable to mitigate any injury. the recommendation Google provides at the tip of its Webmaster Central journal says it best: “Overall, our recommendation for publishers continues to be to concentrate on delivering the most effective doable user expertise on your websites.” All of Google’s rule updates concentrate on profitable websites that users prefer to visit, and penalizing those users dislike. If you retain that in mind once change your web site, you will probably be poised for achievement in Google’s SERPs notwithstanding what rule changes they create down the road.

Does this rule update worry you? can you be creating any changes to your web site to make sure your SEO isn’t affected?

New Technology Info: Blue Ray 110 Gb DVD available

DVD’s have become big business in a short time. Not only are we finding them on computers, they’re also sitting proudly in living rooms in place of the old VCR, and in game consoles as well. Over the past year we’ve seen writeable DVD’s, even though the situation there is complicated by disagreement between the major players over a standard format. Well, things could be about to get worse. Yes, hold onto your hard disks, we’re could be besieged by yet another major development destined to consign even today’s state of the art models to the dustbin of technology history.

Over the past six years, the DVD has been one long success story. It’s become the fastest-growing consumer-electronics product ever. “The DVD market has grown at a phenomenal rate – we’ve reached the stage now, after about two years of mainstream DVD sales, that video took ten years to achieve.” In 1999 worldwide sales of dvds exceeded 135 million, and by 2000 this had jumped to 329 million. Last year that figure had almost doubled, with total revenue in excess of US$10 billion. And over the past twelve months we’ve seen the rise of DVD’s that can not only play, but record data as well. The confusing thing for us is that there’s no agreed standard.

“The DVD recordable market is currently in a state of flux, much like the whole VHS vs Betamax fiasco of the early 80s. We’ve got the same problem – we have multiple DVD Recordable formats out there, all vying for superiority with no de facto standard to actually settle the case. We have DVD-RAM, we have DVD-R and -RW, and we have DVD+R and +RW.”

Currently none of these recordable formats can store more than 4.7 GB of data, that’s around 2 hours of high quality video. Tomorrow’s DVDs, though, hold out the promise of blowing that away. Earlier this year the DVD forum, made up of nine major electronics companies, announced a new higher-density recordable DVD format called Blue-ray. Toshiba: “With blue laser technology, it’s possible to store up to 30Gb of data on a DVD, giving 3 hours of High Definition TV and more than 12 hours of standard TV.” In other words imagine the whole Star Wars series one on disc!

“Blu-ray technology, if it actually comes into being, will have a phenomenal effect. Blue laser is much more precise, much faster, much cleaner. It should produce much cheaper and faster devices that are more accurate so you can actually fit more on a disc.” So how does it work? “Blue lasers have a much smaller beam spot than the traditional red ones – it’s about a fifth of the beam spot. That’s the main reason you can store huge amounts of data in the same disc area. If you use two layers and both sides you can fit up to 110 gigabytes on a CD or DVD. That’s technically possible.”

Other potential applications include PC data storage while it’s high-speed data transfer rate allows for playback of pre-recorded video on the disc while simultaneously recording images being broadcast on TV. It’s a technology that is literally light years ahead of the competition, but will Blu-ray finally end the alphabet soup of competing formats? “We are targetting for the computer market using UDF – Universal Disc Format. This is very easy to use for audio visual and computer usage and that’s the reason we believe Blue Laser technology will become the standard within a couple of years.”

But not everyone is as optimistic. “My main concern is that whilst Blu-ray is a very noble technology on paper at the moment there is no real market advantage for any of the major DVD disc manufacturers to adopt it. All data formats, be it analogue or digital, whether it be voice, video or data, there will always be competing formats, none of these things have ever been successfully controlled by given standards so it’s always been down to market forces as to which one will prevail.”

There are other issues too. Even if Blu-ray does succeed, it won’t be backwards-compatible – in other words, forget about using Blu-ray DVD’s in today’s systems, which use red lasers. Still you won’t have to worry about that too much for the time being. Blu-ray won’t be available to us until next year at the very earliest, and by then, there’ll probably be a multitude of other storage media waiting in the wings to take it’s place. Thanks to BBC World

Nintendo 3DS XL Nintendo Goes Bigger

When Nintendo released the 3DS they obviously hoped for more. When they survived the original release though and made some price cuts sales picked up and people started to realise what a good handheld console it was. In an age when smartphones are trying to become the dominant gaming gadget for the handheld gamer Nintendo still keep their dominance but they are struggling.

With the 3DS XL they are looking to make yet another impact by the same technology that was first released in the smaller model. With its autostereoscopic 3D technology and arguably stronger game catalogue than Android and iOS phones can provide Nintendo is looking to strengthen its dominance and with the Sony PS Vita struggling to make an impact this may not be such a hard task.

The first thing to notice about the 3DS XL is simply that it is in fact just a bigger version of the 3DS but with a few little changes for the better, like the upgrade from the 2GB to 4GB SD card for example. The build of the 3DS XL itself is now more rounded and stylish, and the screen is around 90% bigger which obviously gives better viewing for the games.

The change in size and the change in screen has obviously made the unit itself bigger, and this version of the 3DS won’t easily fit in your pocket. This of course is something to be expected when the smaller version was designed for that type of use. This is a version of the 3DS made to concentrate on the gaming, more than the handheld side of things, which is not to say that it does not fit nicely in your hand of course because it still does. If anything it’s actually more comfortable to hold.

One very strange omission from the box the 3DS XL comes in is the AC Adapter; in fact there are no cables to recharge the unit at all. This is strange and it seems to be assuming that you will already have this adapter available from the previous version of the 3DS; this is a risk and an extra expense as not everybody will have the smaller version or will feel the need to buy a new adapter. This may not be that much of an expense but it does seem strange that you are given a handheld console that needs charging to play it, but no actual charger to do this with. I know for a fact from watching reaction on Twitter to this news it is something that is confusing Nintendo fans and other gamers.

As mentioned the screen for the 3DS XL is 90% bigger than the smaller version. This works well with quite a few of the 3DS games, especially ones like Resident Evil: Revelations. It’s also said that the 3D element of the 3DS works even better now it’s got more screen space to work with, which was an issue with the original 3DS in the past. At a screen size of 4.88 inches this is pushing into Playstation Vita territory but of course it’s not got the same quality as the Vita’s OLED screen. That said the 3DS does not have the game catalogue that really lends itself to the need for high definition graphics.

This does not hold the screen back though, and as the main selling point of the 3DS XL it’s definitely an excellent screen that brings a lot more to the games that are available now, and in the future. It will be interesting to see if Nintendo have more to offer to take advantage of the screen itself in the future.

Of course with a bigger screen it’s safe to assume that the battery would be hit and usage would go up. Nintendo have said the increased power usage is around 86% but with six and a half hours of 3D and eight hours of 2D promised this is not that bad, and with the size of the unit itself it is unlikely you’ll be playing it for that long anyway.

As always with Nintendo products it’s easy to recommend the 3DS XL, the question is who it is aimed at. With the bigger screen and the already high quality game library available it’s obvious that new fans will be interested but then of course the little signs such as no AC Adapter make you wonder are they aiming at the fans who already own the 3DS? It’s debatable whether fans who already bought the 3DS itself will want this bigger version which is also more expensive, but if they have the money to spend they may just do it.

Personally looking at the 3DS and the 3DS XL it’s questionable whether the extra cost for the new model is really worth it. There are no real “must have” updates to this new version other than the big screen so this is undoubtedly an upgrade few will go for. One good thing of course will be the undoubted lowering of the original 3DS price, so now may be the chance to pick up one of those if you have not got one.

Nokia Lumia 920

With each new Lumia upscale fate is the same old story. We say that it is “the smartphone of the last chance” for Nokia. This theme has nothing against a truth-both bad quarters are linked to the manufacturer. See it has all the advantages on his side with the release of the highly anticipated Nokia Lumia 920.

Nokia goes wrong. This sad fact has become a mantra for several years now. To look more closely, the manufacturer no longer enthusiastic crowds since the N95 8GB … in 2008. It has of course been out for several models of interest. But since that memorable smartphone, no further struck by the Finnish logo has managed to unite beyond the ranks of his unwavering fans.

Nokia has taken the bull by the horns in recent months with its Lumia range with smartphones rather attractive. But they had to deal with a number of limitations inherent in Windows Phone 7. Add to that a communication be catastrophic not far from when Microsoft announced Windows Phone 8 and said that the new OS is not compatible with smartphones already out, and you will understand that these devices are not as successful as hoped. Sales totaled millions of copies for each model, which is far from being ridiculous. But it’s still quite insufficient for a manufacturer of the caliber of Finland.

Nokia hopes to finally be able to reverse the Lumia 920 that we test here. To put the odds on his side, the manufacturer has not skimped on the technical details of a smartphone that does not really ashamed of the comparison with any high-end Android. Certainly, we do not find here chipset quadruple heart, but Windows Phone 7 already was doing well on one heart. For the release of Windows Phone 8, Nokia has passed double heart, giving her newborn Qualcomm MSM8960 chipset with a 1.5 GHz Snapdragon. This is supported by 1 GB of memory (RAM). IPS capacitive screen of 4.5 inches for its part offers a HD resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels and a coating Corning Gorilla Glass 2, anti shock and scratches. Capture photos and videos is assigned to an 8 megapixel sensor capable of shooting at a Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels).

Connectivity side, the device is at the top of the moment. It offers the usual course compatibility with 3G + Wi-Fi (n), Bluetooth (3.0) and GPS (A-GPS). But he is especially compatible with the Dual Carrier network (42.2 Mbps) and even 4G (LTE) French! Similarly, it also embeds an NFC chip. Finally, note that all fits in the dimensions of 130 x 70.8 x 10.7 mm with a total weight of 185 grams on the scale.

Package Contents

The package is provided in which the Nokia Lumia 920 is a bit stingy for a device as upscale. It includes:

• Battery 2100 mAh • A Wired Stereo Handsfree • microUSB cable • A charger • The quick start manual • A tool to extract the microSIM card

We do not formalize the lack of microSD memory card in this pack since it would not help much. The device is indeed no port to play such a card. But in return offers an internal memory of 32 GB


Difficult to be in the least surprised by the appearance of the Nokia Lumia 920. The Finnish manufacturer “recycled” in effect once again design appeared for the first time with the N9 there is more than one year. Meanwhile, the Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 900 also sported the same design. The Lumia 920 is the fourth unit to offer. So much so for originality. However, even if it is not innovative, the look of the Lumia 920 is nonetheless very pleasant. Lines at the same time elegant and refined did not take a ride. They always consist of straight lines and great light recesses on the top and bottom ends. The back of the unit is slightly domed. We would have liked to see the same slightly curved front that we could find on the Lumia 800. But it will be “satisfied” with a flat facade as the 900.

The design is one of the strengths of the unit. Quality manufacturing side, we find again the same materials as before. It is plastic, but of such quality that nobody will blame Nokia for using this polycarbonate. The finishes are perfect, as well as assembly. Nothing to say so from that point of view. The dimensions of the device are quite substantial, but it is not really surprising since it incorporates all the same a display of 4.55 inches. Regarding the thickness, it is not the end of time, but its 10.7 mm are quite reasonable. Note however that the massive appearance of the unit may give the impression that it is thicker. Finally, it does not weigh less than 185 grams, making it a true heavyweight category. We will see in the next section, which focuses on ergonomics and handling if the weight is inconvenient to use. In all cases, this allows the machine to give an impression of rugged durability. Especially the quality of workmanship and finish are impeccable.

Finally, the slopes of the smartphone hide no particular surprise. The Lumia 920 with a design called “unibody”, it leaves no access to the battery. Map microSIM fits on the top of the apparatus in a small trolley provided for this purpose as the Lumia 800 and 900. Windows Phone forces, there is also a physical button on the right side to start capturing photos and videos. For the rest, all the buttons fall perfectly under the fingers.

Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight Bringing Some Light to the Halloween Night

As the Halloween night sets in and the ghouls and goblins are out in the streets what better way for the avid book reader to read but in a darkened room wrapped up in their blankets. For e-reader fans who want a simple e-reader that has backlighting and offers a different option that Amazon’s range of readers Barnes & Noble have their Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight.

This is just Nook is designed for the people who want one thing from their e-readers and that is a lighted view that allows them to read without having to have a light source exterior to the Nook itself. Recently released in the UK there are plenty of options for materials to read, from a choice of 2.5 million titles already (that includes magazines and newspapers). It’s light, cheap and has a bright screen, but does it have what it takes to go up against the Kindle and its new variety of readers?

The Nook Simple Touch is fairly simplistic and square in its design. This means it’s not the most stylish e-reader on the market but it still is easy to hold, which of course is its main task. It’s also comfortable in the hand with its matte rubber finish, so won’t wear on the hand with constant use. The “Simple Touch” part of the name gives away that this version of the Nook is a touchscreen interface, with physical buttons kept to a minimum to save the space for the screen itself. There is a button for sleep mode though which will save the battery on the Glowlight. There are also two buttons to flip the pages if you want to use this method instead of the actual touch screen. The choice is yours.

The specs for the Nook Simple Touch is 2GB of on board memory. 1GB of this is used to store the books with other space used for Barnes & Noble content. This gives you the ability to hold up to around 1,000 books easily. If more space is needed there is a Micro SD slot to expand storage capacity.


If you are going to be reading in the dark then the important question is how good is the Glowlight technology the Nook uses? The 6-inch screen is an E Ink Pearl Display which is designed to give the screen a “paper” look. The actual screen is not actually backlit though, rather lit from the front. The light levels for this are adjustable to fit your personal taste and need.

With a battery life that spans months rather than hours (with constant use you’ll probably need to charge it every month) there is plenty of life in the Nook and as long as it has the titles that you want to read this is a reader that does stand up against the Kindle’s more basic varieties. It fits in your hand, it’s comfortable and well lit for the less well lit places you may be reading so by the look of it is perfect if you want a basic Nook with a little light on whatever subject you are reading.


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