How to Know If a Girl is an Instagram Stalker?

There are certain things that people need to know about how to find out if a girl is an Instagram stalker. This article will help you in your hunt for clues and will give you a few good ways to find out.


One of the first things you need to do is to make sure that she has an account on Instagram. It is not so much that she may be doing this on purpose, but more as a way to connect with her “followers” as well. If she has a huge account, chances are high that she is one of the more followers and can get all the information she wants from you about what is going on.

Another thing that needs to be investigated is the fact that a lot of guys who use social media are not very careful. They tend to take all the information available at face value and end up doing whatever it takes to get those girls.

If you want to be an Instagram stalker, you need to be careful. You should also be careful about what you reveal to her. If you want to know how to find out if a girl is an Instagram stalker, you need to know that there are some secrets that you need to know about how to go about it.

One of the secrets of how to know if a girl is an Instagram stalker is to start off your investigation by sending her messages. A lot of people tend to ignore these messages, which makes them look fake. Once she ignores your messages, then she is no longer a follower and you will know that she is an Instagram stalker. You should now have enough reason to continue your search for clues.

Another thing that people need to know about how to know if a girl is an Instagram stalker is to keep a check on her pictures. If you find some that are very suspicious and you want to look into, you can do this by getting into the account itself. Most of the profiles that are on there are public and you can easily see the pictures of the girls that are not her friends. Once you get into that account, then you will be able to see the pictures that are taken on her phone and the ones that she posted.

The last thing that you need to do is to see what kind of photos that she has posted and who she is with most often. If you see that she has been hanging out with some random guys or other girls, then she is probably an Instagram stalker because most women only hang out with their friends and that is what they do on their social network account.

These are some tips that you need to know about how to find out if a girl is an Instagram stalker. With the right amount of information, you will be able to make your hunt for clues more effective than before.

The biggest clue that you need to know about Instagram stalker accounts is that they usually have very generic images. There are usually only one or two pictures that are related to their account. You need to make sure that these pictures are not ones of them.

The next thing that you should be careful about is the pictures that she has posted on her account. If she has pictures with a lot of people in them, then she is obviously not hanging out with them.

A good thing to do when you are looking into an account like this is to wait until you have had time to do some more research on the person. This way, you will have the chance to do more research and you will be able to come up with a better idea.

All in all, how to find out if a girl is an Instagram stalker is just a matter of being patient. You need to spend a lot of time doing your research, so that you will be able to know for sure.

The System That Makes Online TV Player Technology Possible

The System That Makes Online TV Player Technology Possible

Go online and you will see many sites that allow you to view television programs on your computer by means of an online TV player. The rapid advances in digital broadcast technology have made this possible, and you may wonder how this technology works.

Streaming media and Person-To-Person, abbreviated P2P, are the delivery technologies that allow viewing of digital content in real time. When your program is streamed, it means that the digital information, encoded in packets, is sent to the site on which you are watching. This movement of information back and forth between sender and receiver is continuous and since it does not stop or slow many people can access and watch the program at any time. With P2P you use a network shared by many others. As you watch content downloaded to you the P2P system is uploading the same information to the network so that other people in your network may also view it. Contrasted with streaming video, in which the program providers create a system with enough bandwidth to carry the signals generated by use, P2P relies on the number of users to create a strong enough stream for quality video. So if there are not many users for the file you want to view in your network, video quality will be poor and y

Also, there are two ways of viewing programs online: live broadcast and on-demand. Live digital broadcast is made possible by streaming and will thus not be available to users of P2P protocols. Livecasting works online as it does on television: the event being viewed online is happening as it is being broadcast or in the case of prerecorded programming is viewed online at the same time it is premiering on television. With on-demand, the content is always pre-recorded, and is made available after the television broadcast is over. In this case the viewer selects the show he wants from either a menu of program titles or categories, then selects from a list of available episodes. He may then watch the program, and may watch it whenever he likes as long as that episode is available.

As you can see, a lot of data is involved in replicating the experience of airwave and cable television broadcasting for an online TV player. Because the software has become more sophisticated, faster and cheaper, it is widely available online to users and the software to play this content is usually free.

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New Google Algorithm Update Dings Sites With Excessive Ads

It’s been a short time since we tend to detected a few major rule update from Google (everyone wants a vacation, right?), however it’s just like the search large is back fully swing with a brand new one. the most recent modification penalizes sites in Google’s computer program results pages (SERPs) if they need too several ads higher than the fold (the a part of the net page that is visible while not scrolling), creating it troublesome to search out the content on the page. computer program Land’s Danny Sullivan chatted with Google’s Matt Cutts to urge the low-down on the update, that it seems was spurred by many user complaints to Google regarding incoming at sites with apparently a lot of ads than actual content. Let’s break down what this update means that for websites exploitation paid advertising, and the way you’ll be able to check that your web site is not punished by the update.

Who precisely are Penalized?
Google denote that users wish to ascertain content after they click through to an internet site (what a shock!), therefore websites that dedicate abundant of their above-the-fold realty to ads are punished, as a result of doing therefore adversely affects the user’s expertise. Oddly, sites that use pop-up ads and ad overlays — in my opinion, the foremost annoying on-line ads one will encounter — aren’t suffering from the rule update.

This update is anticipated to have an effect on just one of searches globally, however it’s already started rolling out. And if Google’s crawlers realize pages on your web site that area unit breaking the new page layout rules, it’ll penalise your entire web site, not simply the offending pages.

Do You suppose My web site Is AN Offender?
Google expressed that they perceive above-the-fold ads perform higher than below-the-fold ads, and in and of itself solely the foremost crying offenders ought to very be distressed. AN excerpt from its journal says, “This algorithmic modification doesn’t have an effect on sites UN agency place ads above-the-fold to a traditional degree, however affects sites that go abundant any to load the highest of the page with ads to AN excessive degree.” They additionally decision out sites that have content higher than the fold, however have that content “persistently pushed down by massive blocks of ads.”

How Do I guarantee My web site is not Affected?
Matt Cutts’ speech with Danny Sullivan disclosed that Google is basically feat this call up to the location owners’ common sense. they don’t seem to be providing any tools for users to assist establish whether or not their web site features a dangerous quantitative relation of above-the-fold ads to content, however do suggest exploitation different free Google tools like Browser Size from Google Labs to grasp what proportion content is visible to users.

Again, this update is just anticipated to have an effect on one hundred and twenty fifth of searches, however if your web site teeters on the brink of an excessive amount of above-the-fold ads, you would like to form some changes to your page layout…stat! If not for your

SEO, be intimate for your user expertise.

Because the update has already started rolling out, it’s going to be too late to avoid wasting your web site from a broken search presence if it absolutely was AN bad person. however if you update your page layout to possess fewer ads above-the-fold, you must see improved rankings in an exceedingly few weeks. I know, many weeks could be a lasting to attend, however Google has to re-crawl enough pages of your web site to make sure that you have created universal changes to your page layout before it will increase your rankings once more. And if you’ve got structural problems along with your web site that build it troublesome for Google bots to crawl your content, it will take even longer to remedy your rankings.

So if your web site is punished by this update, get your page layout fastened ASAP, and build your web site as simple to crawl as doable to mitigate any injury. the recommendation Google provides at the tip of its Webmaster Central journal says it best: “Overall, our recommendation for publishers continues to be to concentrate on delivering the most effective doable user expertise on your websites.” All of Google’s rule updates concentrate on profitable websites that users prefer to visit, and penalizing those users dislike. If you retain that in mind once change your web site, you will probably be poised for achievement in Google’s SERPs notwithstanding what rule changes they create down the road.

Does this rule update worry you? can you be creating any changes to your web site to make sure your SEO isn’t affected?

Nintendo Wii U a More Detailed Look at the New Console

Now that the advertisements are on television and the games are being announced the Wii U is coming closer and gamers are getting excited. More hard core fans who look for its weaknesses, looking at its memory capabilities and decisions Nintendo have made, but it’s obvious that interest has been raised, especially with some of the upcoming titles.

With some unique exclusives such as Bayonetta 2, a title though long dead there are reasons for gamers to have a newfound interest in what the Wii U is capable of but Nintendo are falling into traps that are almost expected of them. Nintendo never appear to push hardware capabilities to the max, they tend to look to innovate, but at a time when Microsoft and Sony will be pushing for more processing power and better graphics can Nintendo survive on what could be just a gimmick? And a gimmick that Apple and Sony have already used too.

To be cynical the Wii U looks and is shaped like an external drive you would find on a desktop PC, which is the same design as the Wii. I’m sure Nintendo would argue this is to make sure the machine fits nicely in the home without taking up too much space. This is of course the case and its rounded edges does give it that stylish look. The new touch screen control pad also looks good with its 6.2-inch display taking centre stage, with the controls to either side of it. Along with this controller there is also the “pro controller” that can be bought and used for the more action intensive games where the use of touch screen is not needed (or can be used by a second person).

It’s fair to say that the Wii U is not looking at a new design, but it does look better than its predecessor the Wii, especially with the more rounded edges. It will be interesting just how innovative games can be with the new controller, or will it just be a costly waste, we’ll have to get a chance to try out more games when we have the chance.

Nintendo have pushed a lot of the advertising into the controller itself, especially when they first showed it off at the announcements. Basically the new controller feels like a normal gamepad but with the touch screen in the middle. Noticeable changes have been made since first showings to improve the feel in the hand, changing the controls to be more like the PS3 and Xbox 360 rather than the original Nintendo 3DS feel. There is also a built in camera that can be used in game, one example is Mario Chase, a hide and seek style game that makes use of it.

One worry of course would be the weight of the unit itself, especially during long gaming sessions but at 500g this is not really going to be that much of an issue. The controller also fits in the hand quite nicely, but there may be issues with this for the younger player with smaller hands. As this is a family orientated games console of course the controller is made to take the rough and tumble of use so hopefully won’t break too easy. One interesting issue is that the touch screen itself is only single touch, not double like the iPad or PS Vita which is a step back in terms of usability.

The controller uses a MicroUSB recharger, with premium versions having a dockable cradle. On full recharge there is an average of about five hours of gameplay which should be more than enough. Charging can take up to about two and a half hours.

The Wii U has been designed to be an entertainment system, not just gaming. It can be used as a universal television remote, but for the more social there is also the ability to chat, and the “Miiverse” social network gives the gamer the ability to connect with players all over the world. Add to that the internet browser, eShop for downloadable games, there is plenty to do. This can be done all through the controller too if required, freeing up the television for other uses.

All processing for the controller is done in the main unit itself, the controller is pretty much a dumb terminal and acts as the user interface to the make Wii U itself. You’ll only get one GamePad on purchase but the main unit can support two though there are no titles at the moment that can support this. One of the main issues and one that has been mentioned on social media like Twitter though is the storage space on the Wii U itself, this comes in 8GB or 32GB varieties (32GB being the premium pack) and for a modern console this seems fairly low, especially when games for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 can take up huge amounts of space. It’s safe to say that Nintendo know what they are doing when the space is so low (right?) but it’s also possible to stick an external hard drive into the main unit if you want to boost the space up to a more reasonable size, it’s surprising though that it’s so low.

One of the most important thing for gamers of course is the launch titles that are going to be available, here are some of them: Nintendo Land, ZombiU, FIFA 13, New Super Mario Bros U, Mass Effect 3 Special Edition and Trine 2 Director’s Cut. This is a fairly nice broad spectrum of games to start off with and I’m sure that Mass Effect 3 will be a huge title for fans (though quite a few will have already played it on other consoles). Football fans have also been kept happy with FIFA 13.

It’s easy to be critical with the Wii U, it’s Nintendo up to its old trick of holding back on pushing the hardware and moving ahead with innovation instead. Touch screen is not as unique as the motion controllers were with the Wii, but they are also a popular interface right now, so fans will probably look at the new controller and be interested. It’s interesting though to see how the hard core gamers will react, many have a love for Nintendo and will most likely take an interest but they are easy to be unimpressed when things are not up to spec.

The fact is though if the Wii U can hold up against the current generation consoles AND survive when the next generation are released then it will stand a chance. Nintendo have to build up a strong fan base for the Wii U quickly before they are lost in the wake of the huge potential of next generation hardware.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-3D1 Taking Pictures and Recording Video in 3D

3D seems to be the buzzword for entertainment now, in the home and in the movie theatre. There are plenty of ways to watch and enjoy it but when it comes to creating 3D media there is not much available to the home consumer. This is where products like the Panasonic Lumix DMC-3D1 come in.

The DMC-3D1 is a camera that can provide a true stereoscopic image by the use of its two lenses, and sensors that it uses when taking pictures and recording video. This is fairly new in cameras as most like the Sony Cyber-shot and Olympus cameras use software to create a 3D effect. Of course the use of hardware like this in theory should be superior, although a pricey option.

Easy to turn the on the DMC-3D1 is ready to be used as soon as you slide down the lens cover from the dual lenses. It seems to be designed to make taking pictures as easy as possible for the user. It’s possible switch between 2D mode and 3D, which offers two type of file. 3D files are saved as MPO files, while 2D is the normal JPEG which is more standard.

Each lens has a 4x optical zoom and although the two lenses are designed for 3D imagery it is possible to use one lens for a wide shot and the other to zoom on an object within the shot. This could over complicate the function for the user but it’s still a nice option for some complicated shots, with an added unique look. The images are treated as two separate images by the camera meaning on the screen on the back of the camera you can either view the wide shot or look at the smaller image the other lens has focused on.

The DMC-3D1 is a compact camera that easily fits in your pocket but the screen itself does not suffer because of this. Coming in at 3.5-inch the touch panel has a 460l-dot resolution LCD screen. This means there is no need for psychical buttons on the rear of the camera meaning less space is stolen from the screen itself. The screen is one weakness in the DMC-3D1 camera though if you compare it to the Fuji-W3 which is another 3D camera. That camera comes with a screen that is able to represent what the 3D image will look like, the DMC-3D1 can only achieve a 2D picture, which is of course disappointing.

Image Quality
The DMC-3D1 is a camera that not only offers 3D still shots but also video. It records the video at 25fps in HD (in either 2D or 3D) and offers two file formats of AVCHD or MPEG4 compression. When recording in 3D the user has to think more about the shots they are trying to take. 3D tends to flesh out the picture more and of course there will be more focus on the objects that are closer to the camera than further away, this is the nature of 3D photography. If you organise your shot so that there is just as much to focus at in the background than in the foreground (closer to the camera) this actually makes the camera work better and you get to feel the 3D more.

The 4X zoom is available during recording video clips which is very useful, especially for 3D. Though there is some loss of definition the wider the shot is recorded. Even though there are extra sensor settings to handle low light shooting it was also found that the performance is not as good as promised, providing quality similar to lower budget cameras.

The DMC-3D1 offers around 200 2D shots or 150 3D shots on full battery charge so although not spectacular is adequate for normal use, there is not too much battery drain when using the extra features. To say this is a compact camera it does feature plenty of functionality in the slim packaging and this is one way it beats the Fuji-W3 which although being a superior 3D camera is far bulkier and far less compact.

The 3.5-inch LCD screen is a big selling factor though and is definitely easy to use but it is a shame that trying to use the 2 lenses for 2D shots can be quite confusing at times. This camera is perfect for the “early adopters” of the 3D world and shows that there is true potential in cameras like this; it will be interesting to see what other companies come up with in the future.

Play with Smartglass and Forza Horizon on Desktop PCs

When you play around with Windows 8 on a desktop PC you soon come to realise that the Operating System assumes it’s working on a tablet. Instructions tell you to tap on areas of the screen, to move your finger along the tablet etc. it’s like you are actually using a big screen tablet. This can be ignored and you can use your computer as normal but one thing it does give you is a few nice extras.

One of the most obvious is that you can play and use all the apps on Windows 8 on the big screen and use your mouse (or if you have it the touch screen of course). One nice little touch is when it comes to Microsoft’s much touted Smartglass for use with the Xbox 360.

Smartglass on the Bigger Screen

When I first wondered how the Smartglass app would work on a big screen I launched it when my Xbox was on and the answer is (just as with tablets and other interfaces) not much unless you have software that uses it. Then I loaded up Forza Horizon and I saw what fun can be had. Any gamer who has used Smartglass with Forza Horizon will know that the Smartglass becomes a map with GPS so that you can see where you are driving on the game and the fun part of this is that you can actually set the routes through the Smartglass app.

This is of course nothing new when it comes to the game, but the novelty with this is that you can actually have the smartglass on a second screen instead of a small tablet. In Forza for example this means that you have the map available in high definition without having to constantly go to the menu in the game to visit it. As I said, this is just a novelty on the desktop really but it’s still a nice touch especially when it comes to games. It’s fun to have that second screen (in tablet form or on a second screen additional to the one you are playing on) to provide you with more information.

This feature of the Smartglass won’t always translate to the big screen of course, for example I doubt you’ll want to use another screen as a remote control for the movies you are watching, or look to the second screen to read the information when you are trying to watch your show but for some things it adds even more to the experience. Smartglass is a nice new feature for the Xbox 360 and other devices but it’s still a waiting game to see what real use it is in the real world. Forza Horizon does show there is potential (and other games and apps that use it of course) and with SOME games and apps it will have even better value on a bigger screen. That is if the same level of support exists of course.


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