In this post I tell you “Best 3 Way To Root Any Android Phone”. Before rooting you need to know first “what is root”. Google provide you  stock Android with some limitations. Like, you cannot increase your Internal storage, speed Up your phone performance, Not amplify your battery, not customize your rom and more thing Google looked in stock Android system.


So if you root your root your device then you do any thing in your android Mobile. Now, I will How to Root Any Android phone by Single Click or by PC . Once you root your Phone then you are real owner of android phone. By Rooting you can install any app, uninstall any app like system apps, upgrade you android version unofficially like 6.0 to 7.0 OS.

Here are many featu es open after Root your android phone–

1. Boost your Phone speed & Battery Life.

2. Remove Pre installed app  like System Apps.

3. Tweak your phone that Increase wifi speed, increase network signal, increase your RAM by Reosoft RAM Expander.

4. Block unwanted Ads in your phone if you annoying by Ads, But my opinion is please don’t use adblocker because many of youtuber, blogger, developer earn only by ADs so please don’t use this thing.

5. The best and my favorite part is, you install custom ROMs and install kernels that add more features in your phone and ROM change everything in your phone best custom ROM is Lineage OS by Cyanogen MODs it available almost for all devices.

But, wait wait don’t be very happy by Rooting your phone. If you root your device then many of company like Samsung, LG, Sony, Oppo, Vivo etc. Avoid you warranty of your Smartphone. But some company use this feature and provide you a little feature related root like you can use dual whatsapp in your phone.

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While Rooting your phone you may do carefully this process. Because you don’t follow your process then your phone may bricked also by this. So, root your phone carefully

Best 3 Way To Root Any Android Phone

1- Root any Android using CF-Auto Root: Click For Download

CF Auto Root is best app for rooting Samsung, Nexus & Motorola devices only. This process looks very tough but its very easy to root. Chainfire make this process for several devices. If you have Samsung device than, You need to require Samsung Odin for this method. how to root any android phone                                                               So follow this step-

1. Goto CF Auto Root page, Press Ctrl+F & type in your device name. (Like Samsung s7 or s6)
2. Then the specific file shown for this device Download  the CF Auto Root file.
3. Now Turn off your Android device & boot into download mode. (In Samsung device: Vol down+Home+Power).
3. Launch Odin & check “Auto Reboot” & “F:Reset Time”. Click on PDA and locate  CF Auto Root downloaded file.Root any Android using CF Auto Root
4. Finally Click on Start to begin the rooting process.
5. Now you can check Root access by using any Root checker app.

2. Root any Android using Kingo ROOTApp : Click For Download

Kingo ROOT is One of the best rooting app. This is One Click Root for work in Windows Computer. You can root almost any Smartphone in single click. Kingo root app also updating day by day and add more device in rooting list.
Before starting this process you must be disable your antivirus in your PC, to get success result in this process.

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Root Android using Kingo Root PC App :

1: Enable USB Debugging Mode on your Android smartphone. (For enable you go to USB debugging, Go to Settings > About phone > Built Number ( Tap on it 7 times and Now you are a developer) Return to settings & Go to Developer options > USB Debugging)Enable USB Debugging in to root any android phone                                                                                                                                                           2: Download Kingo Root PC App Windows Application and install it in your Windows PC.
3: Once you have Installed Kingo Root App in your Windows PC, you connect your phone Via USB cable.Kingo Root (ROOT Any Android Device)

4: After connecting your Android smartphone. If your mobile device driver is not installed in Computer then Kingo Root APP will install it automatically.
5: Finally, Click on ‘Root’ Button to start the rooting process.Rooting any Android with Kingo Root

6: Now Kingo Root will Root your phone and install SuperSU.Here is your Android Device is rooted, To Check is your phone root or not you can install root checker app.

I think this guide helpfull for you in rooting your phone. Scroll below for more process

3. Root any Android phone by iRoot: Click For Download

iRoot App also a best alternative of kingo Root app. iRoot also provide root process for almost all Android phones. Rooting process by iRoot is as same as Kingo Root App process. Continuous updates and improvements of root scripts ensure the success of your Android devices rooting rate, which makes iRoot PC app success point is it always getting update related rooting and it also support more device’s  by Kingo Root App.How to Root using iRoot.

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4. Root Android device Using Root Genius : Click For Download

Root genius is a Windows PC Software. it is best rooting software specially for MTK Mediatek Processor.
1: First Download and Install Root genius for Windows: Root Genius 3.1.3                                                           2: Open Root genius as an administrator and connect your Android device via USB cable in PC. Wait for the driver installed.                                                                                                                                                       3: Enable USB Debugging mode from Settings – (For enable you go to USB debugging, Go to Settings > About phone > Built Number ( Tap on it 7 times and Now you are a developer) Return to settings & Go to Developer options > USB Debugging)
4: Now Click on ROOT button to start the rooting process. It will take up to 2-3 minutes for rooting process.           5: When complete, click Finish and reboot your phone.                                                                                       6: Check by root checker app for check is your phone is rooted or not rooted.

Now your phone is successful Root.

I Hope you Know How to Root your android Devices If you have any query so please comment below. I add more methods soon here so stay connect here for more.Best 3 Way To Root Any Android Phone