Guest blogging has become a strong way to gain exposure. There are heaps of articles on the internet that talks regarding a way to write a good guest post. However, we had a tough time finding a writing that covered publisher’s aspect of things. What are the advantages of accepting guest posts for a publisher? A way to attract guest bloggers? That posts should I settle for and that should I reject? A way to effectively manage guest bloggers? What sort of WordPress setup do I need? Are there WordPress plugins that may help? What are things to avoid? If you’ve got ever had these queries, then you’re at the proper place. In this article, we’ll show you ways to effectively attract and manage guest bloggers in WordPress.

Advantages of Accepting Guest Posts for Publishers

Everyone is aware of that Guest blogging has heaps of advantages for the guest author or the corporate they represent. But what’s in it for you as a publisher?

New Perspective – each author brings their distinctive perspective with their writing. Your audience can sort of a very little modification of pace.
New Audience – Usually the guest author can share the printed post with their audience.
New affiliation – By permitting the opposite person to guest post on your web site, you automatically build a relationship with them. This will increase your probabilities of serving to one another within the future.
New Post – You get one further post on your web site that you simply didn’t need to write. You’ll use that point to do one thing else.

Now that you simply see the advantages of accepting guest posts on your web site. We are nearly sure you’re getting to begin. So how does one attract guest bloggers in WordPress?

Attracting Guest Bloggers

There are numerous ways that you’ll attract guest bloggers in WordPress. The only approach of doing this can be making a “Guest Post” page on your web site. Usually blogs tend to form this page terribly visible. Some place the link in their main navigation:

Others place it once every post within the author bio, or on every guest author post.

Some even supply financial rewards for guest authors.

The point is that you simply need to build it visible that you simply are accepting guest posts on your web site. The selection of however distinguished you would like to form it’s up to you.

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Another way of obtaining guest posts is by guest posting on alternative sites. Usually bloggers tend to reciprocate guest posts. This could compute nice specially if you’re within the same niche. Last however under no circumstances least, you’ll be a part of a community of guest bloggers.

MyBlogGuest far and away is one in all the most effective places for that.
Once you begin getting guest post submissions, how does one confirm what’s sensible and what’s not? You’ve to line rules.

Rules for Accepting Guest Posts and What to Avoid?

Ever since Google has started cracking down on paid text links, SEO corporations and spammers are looking forward to guest posts to select up the slack. For this vary reason, regardless of how common your web blog is, you’ll see number of guest posts request. Once your web blog is comparatively new, and you get a guest post request, you get very excited. In this excitement, you tend to make the error of approving sub-par or maybe low quality posts. Here are some rules that we tend to follow:

Ask what keyword/backlinks does one want? – Due to WPBeginner’s rank and authority, a great deal of SEO corporations and spammers approach us. Usually these firms are terribly tough regarding backlinks. They’re going to ne’er specify that company they’re writing for. You can’t tell by their email because they’re using some generic gmail or yahoo email address. We don’t wish to link to some spammy web site (i.e porn, ink jet printers, automobile insurance company etc). We additionally don’t wish to link to specific keyword. Now if you don’t raise this question before hands, they’re going to write the article for you and add the backlink. At now if you reject their post, it form of appears bad. It’s best to not waste time, therefore get this out of the approach.
Ask for Topic concepts and summary Before the ultimate Post – Usually these SEO firms and spammers tend to possess pre-written articles. In order that they can say we wish to put in writing for your web blog, however they don’t recommend ideas. If you say simply send the guest post, then you’ll regret that call. Because likelihood is that you’ll get a pre-written post that has been published on various sites. It’s perpetually best to raise them for topic concepts along side a brief summary. This shows you ways qualified they’re.
Never accept Generic or List Post concepts – we get anywhere from five – ten guest post submissions on a usual. Majority of them are generic posts or list post concepts. Examples embody “How to Setup your WordPress blog”. Seriously, don’t you think that that we’ve already lined that topic already. Or it might be like “15 Best SEO plugins”. will we really want 15 plugins? we get heaps of suggestions like that, and that we automatically delete those.

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If you think that that a guest post can help your users, then you must accept it.

Setup for Accepting Guest Bloggers in WordPress

Now that you simply skills to draw in guest bloggers in WordPress and what to avoid, it brings us to the purpose of what sort of setup does one need? A way to accept guest posts? A way to manage guest posts? Let’s take a glance at the choices you’ve got.

Individual User Accounts technique

This is one in all the normally used technique. You produce an account for the user on your web blog. This provides them access to your backend that makes it simple for you to handle things. The guest author will format the posts, transfer pictures etc. to not mention, it additionally shows your user who created the post as a result of the author name is completely different. Your audience will like better to follow a selected guest author by getting to their author profile on your web blog. This all sounds good, however there are some major aspects that you simply ought to think about.

Most guest authors are one-time posters. which means likelihood is that they’re going to not submit over one guest post. It doesn’t add up to possess such a lot of loose ends on your web site. Sure you’ll disable or lock a user account in WordPress, however you must be a bit more careful.

You want to form positive that you simply select your roles showing wisdom. You’ll either assign your guest authors the role of an “author”, however you would like to form sure that you simply exclude a number of their privileges like publishing posts, writing published posts, and delete published posts. or else, you’ll assign them the role of a Contributor, and simply provide them a privilege to transfer images/files. You must use Justin Tadlock’s Members plugin to try to to role modifications (i.e add/remove privileges). If you would like to check capabilities/privileges every user roles has, then look at this table on the WordPress codex.

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This technique works nice for sites that have multi-authors, however if you’ve got one-time bloggers, then you must in all probability think about the strategy below.

Generic Guest Blogger Account

You will notice many blogs as well as our own employing a generic guest blogger account. This is often after you simply produce one specific account and call it Guest Blogger. Any guest posts that are published will be associated to the present account. Then at the start of the article, you add who the first author was. Then towards the top of the post, you add their author bio.

So however does one settle for posts? Well there are a couple of ways that. you’ll use the old style email technique. Raise the guest author to write the post in an exceedingly Word Document. Put it aside in an exceedingly zip together with all the photographs and send it to you. This can be a reasonably common technique that we’ve seen being employed. Or else , you’ll use Gravity Forms. Produce a password protected page on your web site only for your guest contributors. Produce a Gravity Forms there and use their advanced post fields to gather the knowledge.

You can do alternative neat things likewise like editing guest author name with custom fields. You’ll do identical thing with author bio, and build it seamlessly integrate along with your style. No matter you are doing, simply confirm that it’s future-proof.


We hope that we’ve answered all the queries. Simply needed to prompt you: ne’er ever provide anyone administrator level access to your web site unless you fully trust them. If you’ve got any queries or would love to feature your input concerning guest blogging and WordPress, then we’d like to hear from you within the comments.