There are many people out there who want to be A Blogger, Who wants to own a Blog, who are thinking of Starting a Blog. Why?

Because internet is so Big and you find everyone is using social networks. Everyone is using Google, Bing, Yahoo and search engines to find information, news, reviews for products they want to buy.

And for the very same reason, other peoples want to share information, reviews of products they used or they are selling, and Make Money for their living. To share this information or reviews they need Blogs and Websites. And Starting a blog or Website is not much difficult as it was before in late 90’s.

But still some Bloggers are unable to continue into their blogging journey because they don’t feel Confident. They may have fear of failure, May be they don’t know what to do? And so many other reasons that make them stop writing their Dreams, Goals they want to Achieve.

To help them to overcome their Fear or your fear, I here enlisting 3 Most common fears which were also haunting me when a started my Blogging Career.

Because may be nobody read your Blogs, or you’re not good in Writing Articles or Expressing your Views. Before we continue I tell you about myself, that 5 years back when i started my Journey. Like other Bloggers I was also afraid/Scared of these Questions.

But my needs were my strength, Need of money, Need of achieving my Goal. I failed many times and I also Learnt a lot from those Failure. Like People say “Failure is Ladder to Success.”

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So in below list, I will tell you why you have these Fears. And how you can overcome this enemy (Fear) of your and achieve your goals, your dreams, your blogging journey.

An idea is the most preliminary and the most important aspect while you are starting a blog. Not having an idea is the real big problem that make us look like fools. Who is going through all the google pages looking for something that he sell, that he can write about.

And when we complete an idea and start Researching for it. you know what happens, you get more and more ideas.Like you select a niche, then start looking for a domain related to your niche then platform then theme. Which is the worst thing that happens with everyone. Once because of this Idea generation I got confused and not able to decide for continues 10 days what I should i do? Which One i choose?

Solution: Start small, And the only solution to this problem is to stick to one. Dont think about other ideas. Don’t go very much deep inside that idea. Select one, Sit on it and Brainstorm everything that is important about it.

This future thought generation process is worst thing which happens with many people. It is about thinking about the results, an outcome without doing the Actual work.

Like, Before even starting a blog we start thinking that what if I’m not good enough about Blogging? What if people don’t come to my blog, what if they don’t like, on and on.

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Solution: Start doing and stop thinking. Because if you don’t try to write or starting a blog, How would you know what actually people think about it. You can’t predict the thoughts of people by yourselves.

What if you Fail.

Learn from your Failure and try writing another one. Because no one’s gonna Kick you if they don’t like your stuff.

Talking about Blogging, When you start a blog.You want Your Blog to grow, to reach out as many people as you can. Even on social level, you have to communicate with others to share your information.

It’s all about sharing your idea with the world. And sometime you Lack Confidence. We know everyone does. Because sometime when people says that no one care about your Idea it hurts.And it make us to loose Confidence and make you think twice about what you are doing is right or wrong.

The fear of confidence is always with us from the childhood.When I was in school, I had to gave a speech for the first time on stage, only i know how nervous I was. and still I deliver that speech and after speech the sound of clapping what makes me to go on stage again and again.

And even when i was Starting a blog, i share the same idea with my college mates, they laughed at me.

Because at that time no one reads blogs much, what i was still working on it. and You won’t believe that i sold my first Blogspot blog for 1500rs I worked on it for 4 months. it was cheap what it was worth. And after that i always with full of confidence without care of others and without thinking about Failure.

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Solution: Stop thinking about others if they care about your idea or not. Only thing matter is that do you believe what you are doing is something worth.If yes, then hack the world. you go make your dream come true. You start your blog today and let the world know what you write is you worth reading. If once any of your readers appreciated your content, you will never fear again from writing.


Wrapping up:

Blogging is not that difficult, its you and us and our thinking which makes it difficult. Today, for starting a blog is so easy than it before. And the WordPress make it more easier to start a blog. all you need you is an idea, a writing skill and confidence to write and share what you think and what is important.

If you can do this, Success for you and your blog is not far. So, Believe in yourself and start a Blog today.

And if there is anything you want to share with us and other Readers/ Bloggers, please share in below comment Box.